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My name is Gavin Hoffman going under the artist name 'holeycoww', a 24 year old tea drinkin', rock lovin' designer based in the beautiful town that is Loughborough. Born and raised in the mighty Midlands.

I have always been a keen artist since I could pick up a pencil. Up until the age of 17, I was a keen painter and charcole artist, but when my dad bought me my 1st cream space box ( also known as a pc ), and I started having fun

By 'eck, it’s lovely to see you here, lets have a gander around.

making my work digital. It wasn't long after that, with a big passion for music, that I decided to try and make a little site for my favorite rock band Guns N' Roses. So, with the help of Geocities and the patience of a good friend of mine, I got started on what would later become my biggest passion of all; making beautiful websites.

Now, almost 7 years later, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing companies such as Shelias Wheels, Sky TV, Natwest bank and some really fantastic local companies like Voudsen PS, Reynolds and Litchfield & Arrow Imaging, as well as doing illustration work for charities such as LOROS Hospice, & I consider myself a very luck boy indeed!

I am delighted to commend the highly creative and professional web design of Gavin Hoffman. He has designed my own website and has already made it the number 1 site in its field.

He makes life easy for an internet novice, like me, by making everything so understandable. Nothing is too much trouble: with changes and regular updates being undertaken quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending Gavin to you - he is a genius!

Dr.Neil Hawkes
Values Education

what on earth is this site all about

Not your 'normal' site, no, nor probably the most 'professional' website to bring in shiny new clients. But I try not to be normal and try not to follow trends, my mission, as a web designer, is to create websites that would best suit the person or company that I'm working with

I want the sites that I design and create to best represent whoever I am working with, tailored to specific needs to match exactly what is being looked for. And that's what

This website was hand crafted to show off my work, my passion and my personality to the world wide web!

holeycoww.co.uk is all about, tailored to best show off my personality and match exactly what I was looking for. This website was all designed and coded by myself, with the pixels being pushed in Adobe Photoshop and code being crunched in Adobe Dreamweaver. It is a place to show off me, my work, talk to the lovely internet folk and give others the ability to contact me.
This site has been long in the making. The design you see here today is probably the 5th version of my site design, with the 1st one being designed way back in 2007. With lots of things coming up, and client work always being priotity, this site took the back bench. But I was so glad when I saw I had an open window and used that time wisely to get the site designed, and developed, and now here it is!

I hope you enjoy looking over holeycoww, whether you are here to check out my work, my blog or are interested in working with me, thank you for visiting and keep me bookmarked!

Also, this website is brand spanking new, even newer than an iPad - a lot of things are being changed and made better for you to browse happily as I get more feedback from the visitors

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