In-n-n-n the Mighty Midlands, born & raised, on the green grass is where I spent most of my days, chillin’ out, chewin, not sharing a bite. Being yellow by day, and being creative by night.

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Wow, what a ride! I’m so so pleased that I have FINALLY got my personal website up and running and everything *seems* to be working A’ok. holeycoww has been a long time in the making, I must have gone through at least 5 or 6 different designs, some of which got close to being all finished, and then I changed my mind at the end. This one stuck, and I’m really pleased with it. Read the rest of this entry »

Interview with Gavin Strange from JamFactory

Gavin Strange from JamFactoryI’ve been sitting in front of this screen now for a good 20 minutes thinking about how to open up this post. I’ve drank a mug of tea, ate 2 hobnobs and made a tweet in the time it has took for me to think on how to do it. And I’m still pulling blanks. How do you open a post about someone who is truly a blessing to all things design, or about someone that is a MASSIVE influence on how you work, create, look at life and how you gain inspiration. And even now, 25 minutes in, I still can’t think of a ‘comical’ or super duper creative way on introducing this chap. He is a big influence on a lot of designers, he is all over the interwebs showing off his creativeness in every nook and cranny of the big web cogs. Since the day I was introduced to him, I have followed everything he has done, my work drastically changed for the better, my inspiration and motivation got a giant boost. A super creative chappy that not only bring a lot of color to the illustrators world, but a lot of excellent advice and friendly support.

He is known by many as Gavin Strange and many more by JamFactory. A illustrating wizard that creates for the incredible Aardman Animations by daylight and by nightlight he is working away under the alias ‘JamFactory’. I’m honored to have be able to interview him for, so please, grab a brew, sit back, and relax while we talk to the Leicester born, Bristol based, design legend that is Gavlar Strange: Read the rest of this entry »

Interview with Tom Lane from GingerMonkey

Tom Lane - GingerMonkey

I’m honored to have with me today, a master of all things design and a huge inspiration to all looking to go at it alone, Tom Lane from GingerMonkey. I was made aware of Tom, on one winters day, when he replied to me randomly on Twitter. I had no idea who this cat was, but I clicked his name and opened up his online world of wonders. Since that day I have been following all of Tom’s work, from creating a clothing brand, to working with the legendary Heston Blumenthal, and I am still completely blown away by every piece he creates, and to top it all off, he is a thoroughly tip top bloke that would talk to everyone and anyone and is always at hand to give excellent tips and advice. I asked Tom a little while ago if he would do me the honor of being interviewed as one of my ‘all time favorite designers’ at the opening of holeycoww, though he is constantly swamped with work, he kindly accepted straight off the bat, and, now, here it is: Read the rest of this entry »