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Welcome to my little showcase of work. This page, & the pages linked within it, are always being updated with my work. So please, keep checking back to see the latest of what I have been up to.
  • 1 Vousden Property Services
  • 2 Vousden Property Services
  • 3 Vousden Property Services
  • Reynolds and Litchfield by holeycoww
  • Reynolds and Litchfield by holeycoww
  • Reynolds and Litchfield by holeycoww

vousden property services

Vousden is a property maintenance company based in Staffordshire. They needed a website so that they can show potential clients their portfolio and gain online attention.

Vousden had no website when they were recommended to me by a close friend of theirs. They wanted to be able to give people/clients their domain name and give them the ability to view their work online and give a bit more information about the company. The website is a very 'no frills' site, with only a little bit of jQuery in use. They were looking for a very clean website, big buttons and nice icons with easy navigation. I was able to provide them with the website that they wanted and also get them started on increasing their web traffic via SEO. A server space was purchased and set up by me, where I went ahead and set up all their databases, email accounts, ftp access and more. Cath and Steve from Vousden were excellent people to deal with and look forward to working with them more in the future.

  • 1 Reynolds & Litchfield
  • 2 Reynolds & Litchfield
  • 3 Reynolds & Litchfield
  • Reynolds and Litchfield by holeycoww
  • Reynolds and Litchfield by holeycoww
  • Reynolds and Litchfield by holeycoww

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    2 weeks (not inc consulting time)

reynolds and litchfield

Reynolds and Litchfield are a Staffordshire based construction company with clients ranging from Manchester Museum, YMCA Middleton and Stockport College, to name a few.

Reynolds had had a bad experience with another web design company and wanted their old website knocked down and a new one put up. Reynolds came to me and asked me to start working on a design. After an initial concept was drawn, I was given the go ahead to get started on the coding of the site. Reynolds is a simple site, with quick navigation and the main point of interest being their portfolio and projects, which are linked throughout the website. Reynolds loved the new design and the way the website worked. I am working with Reynolds now on getting the final pieces of content finished, but I have really enjoyed working with them throughout the whole project. Top blokes!

  • 1 Arrow Imaging Ltd
  • 2 Arrow Imaging Ltd
  • 3 Arrow Imaging Ltd
  • Reynolds and Litchfield by holeycoww
  • Reynolds and Litchfield by holeycoww
  • Reynolds and Litchfield by holeycoww

Arrow Imaging Ltd

Arrow Imaging are a Tamworth based Document Scanning company being one of the largest in the country.

Arrow already had a website, but it was very dated and wanted to modernise it and make it easier to use. As their industry is always moving and online presence is becoming more and more important, Arrow wanted a website that had easy of use, was able to give all the information without confusing the user and give them quick access to contact them. A lot of work has gone into Arrow's website from design, to code, to SEO. The list has been endless and the project has been ongoing, but I love working with Arrow, they are a very modern company that appreciate the values of the internet.

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